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Superhero: Riley Hoult

Riley Hoult, two, from Leeds, was diagnosed with neuroblastoma in 2014 when he was just one year old. His mother Sophie is a single parent who has bravely fought side by side with Riley.

Riley was Hugs Children's Cancer Charity’s first wish child and was given an iPad and vouchers that he could use while spending weeks at a time in hospital, often confined to one room without being able to leave. The iPad is also used as a distraction technique during painful treatments and scans.

A seemingly small gift has really made a difference to both Riley and Sophie.

Superhero: Jenson Pashley

Jenson Pashley, two, from Worthing, is undergoing treatment for stage 4, high risk neuroblastoma. His diagnosis took many months and his eye had started to bulge and drop down his face.

Jenson is being treated at Great Ormond street and has to spend weeks at a time away from his older brother. His mother and father take it in turns to look after him but this often means the family is separated for long periods.

Hugs Children's Cancer Charity was was able to help the family to enjoy a special holiday together, away from the hospital and the stress, with just fun and laughter to be enjoyed.

Case Studies: Harvey Hext

Harvey Hext, eight, from Bristol, has down syndrome and was diagnosed with stage 4 neuroblastoma when he was four. His mother Sarah was sure something was wrong but it was seven visits to the hospital, two to A&E and a drive to another hospital before he was diagnosed. By this time the cancer had reached Harvey’s bones. Treatment for Harvey has unfortunately never been easy and the typical protocol has not been possible due to poor response. Even though he has had several types of treatment his neuroblastoma tumours have remained. Last year he was diagnosed with a sarcoma, a new cancer which was likely caused by the treatment he received for neuroblastoma. He had to go through major surgery to remove the sarcoma and his cancer became stable.

Thanks to Hugs Children's Cancer Charity, Harvey was able to make some unforgettable memories. He and his family were able to attend the Caudwell Butterfly Ball where they met a horde of celebrities including soul singer Lionel Ritchie and Sarah Ferguson.

In 2016, the Hext family were given the devastating news that Harveys Sarcoma had returned and there was no more treatment available. Harvey fought so very hard and gained his angel wings surrounded by his family. I personally will never forget this funny and cheeky boy, who alongside his brother bought so much happiness into this world.

Case Studies: Delilah Read

Delilah, one, from Watford, is currently being treated in Great Ormond Street Children’s Hospital. She was just eight months old when she was diagnosed with stage 4 neuroblastoma. A tumour of 11cm x 7.7cm was found in her stomach and then travelled up through her diaphragm into the left hand side of her neck. She also had the disease in her bone marrow and bones.

She is very close to her older sister and is sadly separated from her for long periods of time whilst undergoing treatment.

Hugs Children's Cancer Charity was able to help the family to have a wonderful holiday in Disneyland, Paris where they made memories they will never forget.

Delilah has now finished treatment and is awaiting her final scan results!

Case Studies: Harris Rae

Harris was diagnosed with a Wilms Tumour at the beginning of July 2019 after his nursery found a large amount of blood clots in his nappy. They discovered a 7cm tumour within his right kidney; after 4 weeks of intense Chemotherapy he had a major operation to fully remove the kidney and we were pleased to say that the operation was a success. Once Harris was fully recovered from the operation, he then received a further 4 weeks of Chemotherapy and he was then able to ring the ‘End of Treatment’ Bell on the 26th September 2019. We collectively decided to leave ‘Hickman line’ (the line use to administer Chemo and other fluids that are needed) still attached to Harris just in case he relapse shortly after treatment which is common, sadly the line had Bacteria forming inside and Harris got Sepsis, for a night at hospital we honestly thought that this may not end positively, an emergency operation took place to remove the line and after plenty of Antibiotics, Harris pulled through.

He is now a very loud and thunderous character, always announcing that he is in the room, allowing everyone to recognise that he is there and he requires you to acknowledge this. He is extremely close to his mum and loves to participate in the household chores, this is usually very welcomed. Harris is so independent, there is no stopping him in what he wants to achieve and hopefully this attitude remains throughout his life.

As with most children in remission, Harris still has medical issues from the side effects of his Chemo or by having just the single kidney, but this is manageable. We recognise that the effects of cancer does not just stop at the patient but the family will all suffer from some sort of scarring, but Harris remains with us and for this, we know we are extremely lucky and grateful!

In Feb 2016, Hugs Children's Cancer Charity gave me lots of tlc and emotional support when my daughter relapsed with Neuroblastoma. The lovely Elsbeth Hallam and Nee Maslen-Jones was at the end of the phone to give me invaluable comfort, support, and advice when I needed it, and has remained a great friend to me ever since. Amazing charity that absolutely rocks!
Kira and Aud Noble, Parent
In 2017 during Isabella’s 3rd journey with neuroblastoma, we were able to enjoy a wonderful week away from hospital visits thanks to Hugs Children's Cancer Charity. We were treated to a week in Devon and Isabella was able to take part in some brilliant activities which really took her mind off her treatment and allowed her to just be a child for a week. Hugs Children's Cancer Charity thank you so very much for putting a massive smile on Isabella's face. You are just amazing!
Isabella Lyttle, Parent
Hugs gave our family the opportunity to have a Weekend holiday to Cornwall, where we could all recuperate and start the process of mending ourselves as a family unit, we came back revitalised, now our children have defining memories of their yearly trips. It is incredibly important that families have this time and we hope with the support from the public that Hugs are able to continue their fantastic support for the children with Cancer.
Mark Rae, Parent
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