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Hugs Children's Cancer Charity

Shop FAQs

What can we donate?

Virtually everything as we are a charity that pride ourselves on our goal to be a fully sustainable and 100% not to landfill.

Good quality clothing, shoes, bags, bedding, curtains, books, dvd’s, cd’s, vinyl, kitchenalia, ornaments, household and commercial furniture, electrical (large & small), and anything else that you feel may be an opportunity for us to gain revenue on.

Also, we can still recycle and raise funds through poor quality versions of the above and ensure that we maximise your donation, plus again ensure that we get closer to a fully sustainable and 100% not to landfill charity.

Bring to us, send pics to us, or chat to us at the unit, and we can discuss what from your donations we can accept and explain reasons why we cannot take other items.

What we cannot accept

Non working fridges, freezers, or deep back (cathode ray style) tv’s, high chairs, baby transport, car seats, cots, and anything that is too broken to mend/upcycle or renovate.

Due to the drop off point being at our Sugar Mill unit, please call or pop in to see us and we can discuss elements of your donation that may be suitable for us to recycle for funds e.g., scrap metal.

What we recycle

All of our general waste is collected and disposed of by Devon Contract Waste who are a 100% not to landfill organisation.

Plastic – Plastic items (e.g., carrier bags, hangers, toys, boxes) are separated from the main refuse and disposed of and collected by Devon Contract Waste as we passionate about the volume of plastic that goes into landfill and then into the eco system. We also believe that we are the first local charity in Plymouth to actively collect and recycle plastic items in this way thus helping our connection and collaboration with our local community.

Metal – Metal items that are not saleable are collected by our supporter Remove & Clear Home Waste Removal. They collect from us and then donate their time back to us for the value gained. All your metal old fences, tables, filing cabinets, and more still help us to raise funds and keep us on our goal to be as close to 100% not to landfill.

Fabric – All of your non saleable fabric elements are sorted by our staff and volunteers, graded and the items that cannot be sold or donated to organisations that we support are collected by CTR Group. They pay us for these items on a price per kilo basis for differing types of fabric, plus again we work with them as they are 100% not to landfill.

Household items – The items that are not suitable for sale after sorting by our staff and volunteers are again collected by CTR Group paying us for the volume that we send in price per kilo.

Media – All types and as above we sort/grade and then send to CTR Group paying us by volume.

Organisations we support

Guide Dog training – We’ve connected with a local Guide Dog trainer during the time that the small donation location was open and found out that we were able to help her with fleece fabric to give her materials to make ‘Raggers/pull toys’ and ‘Snuffle’ blankets, and with our help and her hard work, she managed to raise £9k. We have kept this link, and as well as meeting the puppies that she trains, we also supply her with fleece whenever she needs it and also have plans to help in the ‘Awareness control’ elements with the dogs coming into our Sugar Mill location to work with her about noise/activity and interaction with people.

Currently we help Louise Leavers who works with ‘Homelessness Southwest’ and all our sleeping bags and spare day-to-day toiletries go to them for her soup kitchen runs to allow her and the team give out to those that may need these items.

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