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The Hugs Team & Trustees

The Hugs team and Trustees work endlessly to help fellow families who are going through the same as they have. They help with fundraising events, working in the charity shop, liaising with families wanting to use the respite home, and everything in between.
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Elsbeth & Micheal Hallam, Henry's Parents

Elsbeth is a registered nurse and most importantly a mum to Henry and Georgina. After Henry was diagnosed with Neuroblastoma, she was thrown into a the childhood cancer bubble, she felt it imperative that more needed to be done for families going through the battle of neuroblastoma and when Henry finished treatment she felt it was the right time. Hugs Children's Cancer Charity was born and with the support of her husband Michael, friends and family and most importantly from the inspiration her son gave her.

Micheal is Henry's dad and co-founder of Hugs Children's Cancer Charity.

Hugs Children's Cancer Charity Plymouth

Ade Edwards, Trustee

Ade works as a senior manager within a drug and alcohol charity and has worked exclusively in the third sector for the last 20 years. He takes a keen interest in local and national politics, economics and social policy. Ade brings knowledge and understanding of how charities operate, their legal frameworks and financial underpinnings to the board of trustees, of which he is currently the chair. In his spare time, he loves attending music festivals, and is a caravanning enthusiast.
Hugs Children's Cancer Charity Plymouth

Zoe Edwards, Trustee

Kelly Heatley, Trustee

Ryan Jackson, Retail Development Manager

Hi, I'm Ryan, Retail Development Manager for Hugs. I have been working with charity retail for 10+ years now, but have come from a high street retailer background. I am responsible for driving the expansion and performance of the retail side of the charity. During the last few months we have begun our plan to expand the number of outlets we have plus promote the support that the charity offers by giving a visual sign post of who we are and what we do. My team are passionate about the support that we can give to families with their young relatives suffering from childhood cancers. My aim is to use my 30+ years in retail to help drive the funds needed for the charity to help as many families as possible. It's the hardest job I have ever done, but so rewarding when I can see the effect that my teams work has on the families that we support.
Hugs Children's Cancer Charity Plymouth

The Volunteers, Fundraisers, and Events team

The Hugs Children's Cancer Charity team is a unique group of ladies who work voluntarily to fundraise for the charity. They formed when Henry was going through his treatment and have formed a strong fundraising force in the Plymouth area. In 2013 the team was voted as the pride of Plymouth fundraisers of the year (formally Hugs for Henry).

Rebecca Case, Volunteer Shop Manager

Becky is a stay at home mummy to 2 beautiful children, Sam and Tilly. Until recently she was a shop manager for the British Red Cross. She's followed Henry’s journey from the beginning, and like most people was horrified by what this gorgeous little boy and his family were going through.

About a year and 1/2 ago, Henry started attending the same school as Becky's daughter. Elsbeth and Becky started chatting in the playground, and gradually became friends. In June 2015, Elsbeth asked Becky if she'd like to join the fundraising team, and of course Becky said yes!

Becky says: 'Being part of the Hugs team is not only very rewarding, but also great fun. The whole family can get involved, my partner Ryan often helps at events and has even had his legs waxed. My Daughter Tilly recently did her own fundraiser selling toys that she collected from friends and made £160.

'We are so very passionate at Team Hugs about helping as many children and families as we possibly can. These children fighting Neuroblastoma need us to be their voice. If you feel you can help in anyway please get in touch, and just by attending one of our many fundraisers, you are helping more than you will ever know.'

Hugs Children's Cancer Charity Plymouth

Sharon Hallam, Shop Assistant and Fundraising Support

Sharon has five children and worked as a health care assistant for twenty five years and fostered for many years but is now retired. Sharon is Michael's mum and Henry's grandmother. He is her first and only grandson at present.

Sharon says: 'I was at home when I got the devastating news, I just screamed and howled in pain, it was the worst pain I have ever felt in my life, it's something you never get over. We had never had anything like this before in our family, we were all totally devastated. I just got into action to try and ease my son and daughter-in-laws stress as best as I could. I had never heard of neuroblastoma cancer, I tried to read up about it but it frightened me so much I could not bare it. I knew that Henry may need more than our country could do for him. Elsbeth and Mike decided to set up an appeal, my sister Helen and I went out and put all our energy into fundraising for Henry and helped raise thousands of pounds for his appeal. Now Henry has reached a point where he is stable and enjoying his life as best as he can, he is an amazing little boy, I love him with all my heart and soul.'

'Now it is time to help other families going through these dreadful times and try and support them as best as we can, it is so needed for people like us to help families in any way possible. We are such a good team. I feel so strongly about this dreadful cancer taking innocent lives that we must keep fighting for others and a cure.'

Sharon is also a link for grandparents if they need someone to talk to about their grandchild's diagnosis.

Hugs Children's Cancer Charity Plymouth

Helen Townsend, Shop Assistant and Respite Home Caretaker

Hi, I’m Helen and I have been involved with Hugs Children’s Cancer Charity for over eight years as a fundraiser and supporter. I work part-time in the Hugs Charity Shop on the Broadway and help at the Respite home. I have eight grandchildren and enjoy spending time having fun with them and also walking my dog over the moors.
Hugs Children's Cancer Charity Plymouth

Hayley, Shop Assistant

Hayley and her Husband Len have known the charity founders for over 15 years and supported them through the diagnosis of Henry. Hayley started working for Hugs in 2021 and has become a firm favourite with our customers on the Plymstock Broadway. She loves working with volunteers and is approachable and supportive of others.
Hugs Children's Cancer Charity Plymouth

Andrew Richardson, Shop Assistant

Andy has worked for Hugs for many years in our shops. Mainly based at the Sugar Mill furniture and donation unit, he has become a popular member of the team and our customers, and helps at many functions and fundraisers. Quoting one of the fellow members of staff 'Andy is a funny, mad, Scots man, who's kind hearted, generous and will help anyone.f
Hugs Children's Cancer Charity Plymouth

Kath Harvey, Shop Assistant

Hi, I'm Kath, I really love working for Hugs and have known Elsbeth for years. I have many years of retail experience working for another charity shop. The atmosphere is fun and we are all like a big happy family. In my spare time I enjoy having my grandchildren and my other love is charity bingo.
Hugs Children's Cancer Charity Plymouth

Jaqueline Young, Shop Supervisor

Jaqueline has been volunteering and supporting the new unit from January 2022. She is a kind hearted and loyal person who is enthusiastic about the charity and fundraising. On a Sunday you will find her at a car boot sale raising funds for our charity. She is friendly and approachable and we are very grateful for her support.
Hugs Children's Cancer Charity Plymouth

Becki Lord, Volunteer

Becky has two children and works part time as an ambulance care assistant. She has known about Hugs since it first began, but only got to know the lovely family personally when Henry became good friends with her son at school.

Becki says: 'I am so honoured and excited to be part of this amazing team and really enjoy supporting them with ongoing fundraising and also make as many people as possible aware of neuroblastoma and the help and support these poor children and families need.'

Hugs Children's Cancer Charity Plymouth
Hugs Children's Cancer Charity Plymouth

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